Success Stories


Our hearts are fully committed to our patient's visual needs. We strive to do everything necessary to attain their visual goals. We are proud to share the following accounts of our patients.  




L. Harris
"The greatest benefit using the vision shaping lenses is an increase in my sons' freedom. He no longer needs to be responsible for his glasses or bothered with putting them on for basic activities such as watching TV & playing water polo without any vision aids."
-Mrs. Harris

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"Vision therapy brought me back to peak performance. You can enhance a key skill to a higher level than by practicing or playing your sport."  Kiki Vandeweghe - Portland Trail Blazers



"I used vision therapy to improve my hitting. Your hands must go where your eyes tell you. When I see the ball, I hit the ball."  Don Mattingly - New York Yankees




"Vision therapy helped my concentration and my quickness." John Vanbiesbrouck - Florida Panthers




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"Phenix has truly enjoyed his therapy.  In his own words, "the therapy has helped me be a better reader.  It helped my eyes and my brain."  Phenix is more confident in his abilities and understands about continuing to discover and develop his unique qualities.  Overall, he is a happier child with a brighter future ahead.  The therapy program was the answer to our prayers!  We are thankful!"
- Marti Webster



I knew from the first time I met with Dr. Mayer that we were  in the right place.  We had been through two eye doctors/exams and were told that Melanie's eyes were fine.  We went to Sylvan and were told that they could not help her.  Melanie was in Powerline in her school for 8 months and made little progress.  We felt very frustrated and helpless to help our daughter.  No parent wants to see their child struggle.  Her reading was behind, she avoided and procrastinated with her homework, she made excuses, she covered one eye and had to move to the front of the class to copy from the board.  One of the most difficult things was her self esteem being low when it came to school.  She had a teacher that "diagnosed" her and made Melanie's school world very difficult for her.  She was treated as if she was not smart and had a discipline problem.  We were told her eyes and tracking were fine.  Despite all of this Melanie never gave up and had a will to fix her problems.  We were referred by her Vice-Principal.  We discussed how conventional medicine and pediatricians don't advocate therapy.  However, she had a personal success story.  We knew we had to try.

    So back to Dr. Mayer's office.  While waiting for him, I read the titles of brochures and books.  I started to cry with relief that someone knew us and our situation.

    The therapy and staff have been a godsend - truly.  I get speechless when I think about it.  They have been informative, caring and compassionate.  Melanie has also been so dedicated to her therapy.  We all have learned so very much, including information about issues that I did not know were related to her therapy/problem such as listening to instructions.

    She has made miraculous progress.  Her reading was slow and choppy.  Now, she reads faster, remembers what she reads and is not choppy with her words.  She reads with expression now and inflection in her voice.  She doesn't squint any longer and can read the board from her seat.  Her self-esteem has jumped incredibly and she no longer hates school.  She is less frustrated therefore her behavior at home is better.  She looks forward to homework and learning.  She is choosing to read in her spare time.  She was at a Brownie meeting last week and needed to read something (a paragraph) with difficult words.  She said "Mom, I'll just sound it out."  She read it beautifully and smiled from ear to ear when she was through.  I cried then and I am crying now.

We feel truly blessed to have found Agape.  You are an answer to many prayers.  Words cannot express the gratitude that we have.  Thank you for everything! (Jennie & Gary Griggs)


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